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Music has always been associated with moments in your life like memories as a kid, your struggles and happy times. No matter what you’re going through, music is there to accompany you through thick and thin. That’s why a lot of people like to listen to various m music when they’re travelling or going for a run because it brings back memories.

Additionally, a lot of experts state that your music genre says a lot about your personality. Some people tend to judge others based on their musical taste while others immediately get a sense of connection with a person because they like the same artist.

If you want to know what your music genre says about your personality, here’s a guide about them below:

Pop music

If your music genre is pop, it is said that you stand out from the rest, just like the fans of heavy metal. However, both genres are still entirely different from one another. With pop music, you tend to be an extrovert which means that you’re outgoing and like making friends with people. 

However, according to experts, you lack creativity, turbulence and are nervous from time to time. The good thing is that you have high self-esteem and like to be hard working. Overall, you have no problem interacting with strangers or trying to be close with your acquaintance.    

Rap & hip-hop music

Like pop music, you also tend to be outgoing if you like listening to rap and hip-hop music. Being outgoing is known to be a true trait of extroverts. This means that you like to be social and energetic. You have this rhythmic vibe that showcases your high self-esteem.

Additionally, rap and hip-hop music is the genre that’s personality-driven. So when you process information from other people or somewhere you’ve read, you like it present, tangible and concrete.

Rock music

According to studies, when you like listening to rock music, it means that you’re an intuitive person. Being intuitive means that you like to trust information that’s given to you even if it’s not related to you but can be useful in the future. Moreover, challenges don’t bother you since you’re relaxed and flexible.    

There are different types of rock, and if you like classic rock, it means that you’re a hard worker, always at ease and likes nostalgic vibes. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in indie rock music, it says that you’re a little lazy and have lower self-esteem. The good thing about liking this genre is that you’re far more creative compared to other people. 

Lastly, listening to rock music makes you a ‘debater’ which is often associated with having a rebellious rock vibe.

Classical music

Classical music is one of the oldest genres of music. To this day, a lot of people like learning about it by studying popular music from artists such as Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and more. If you like this type of music, you have good intuition and a high amount of self-esteem.  

Additionally, studies show that fans of classical music are often smarter compared to other music genre fans. 


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