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There are many amazing movies that are set in India and the United States. However, there is a gold mine of classic films that come from the United Kingdom as well. These have captivating stories that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Whether you’re into drama, romance or action films, there will always be a British film that will keep your eyes glued to the screen. Check out some of these brilliant British films below: 

Kingsman: The Secret Service
One of the most popular films released in 2014 was Kingsman: The Secret Service. The story is based in London and revolves around Eggsy and secret Kingsman agent Harry. As the film progresses, Eggsy trains to become a Kingsman agent himself to potentially replace the slot of a fallen agent. 

While his training goes on, Richmond Valentine releases sim cards that prompt people to become violent. Eggsy now works with his friends to defeat Valentine and stop him from wreaking havoc in the world. All of this while looking dashingly handsome in a suit as well. 

Directed, written and produced by Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk revolves around the story of Tommy, Alex and many other British soldiers during the war in 1940. Thousands of soldiers managed to survive the Battle of France but were stuck on the shores of Dunkirk.  

These troops had to hide in abandoned ships and survive torpedoes before they could manage to come home and receive the hero’s welcome they deserve. Other characters also played pivotal roles in this magnificent and gut-wrenching film, completing the plot perfectly. 

In this romantic period drama set in the 1950s, Eilis Lacey moves from Ireland to Brooklyn in the United States to make a living and support her family. As her journey progresses in bookkeeping classes and working part-time in a store, she meets and falls in love with a plumber named Tony. However, she also battles loss and homesickness during her trip. 

Eilis and Tony secretly get married before she has to return home to Ireland for a few months. Their relationship started rocky but Eilis ended up returning to Brooklyn and reuniting with Tony. The film was a hit and quickly became nominated for several recognitions including 3 Academy Award nominations. 

Enola Holmes
Everyone has heard of the wickedly talented detective Sherlock Holmes, but have you ever wondered if the talent runs in the family? In this latest instalment of the many Sherlock Holmes movies and television shows, a film was released exclusively by Netflix last 2020 and revolves around Sherlock’s little sister Enola.

In her journey to find her mother and as she tries to escape the confines of life back home, Enola meets new people and goes on daring adventures to solve mysteries. In fact, she may even be a bigger sleuth than her famous older brother. 


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